Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Bird Cage Good Fit For Pionus Parrot?

The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage is an excellent choice for a Pionus, Ring-necked Parakeet, and other medium-sized birds. Read on to learn more.The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage is both luxurious and mighty. It has 5/8 inch (1.58cm) bar spacing with 4mm bar thickness. It is 28" (71.1cm) Wide [...]

Kings Cages SLT4 2217 The Right Cage For My Cockatiel?

The Kings Cages SLT4 2217 is a good fit for a cockatiel as well as many other small bird species. Keep reading for more on this excellent small birdcage.The Kings Cages SLT4 2217 is from their superior line. The top opens into a playpen. It has an additional fold-down front "porch" for your bird's enjoyment. The [...]

Is The Kings Cages SLF 6421 Cage Suitable for a Canary?

The Kings Cages SLF 6421 Small Flight Cage is perfect for your canary, finch, budgie or other bird. Keep reading to get the full low-down on this great cage.The Kings Cages SLF 6421 is 65 inches (1.65m) Wide, 21.25 inches (.5m) Deep, and the entire unit, cage and stand, is 61.5 inches (1.5m) High. The [...]

Is the Kings Cages SLFXL 3221 A Good Cage For Lovebirds?

The Kings Cages SLFXL 3221 Extra Large Flight Cage is an awesome cage for small to medium-sized birds, including Lovebirds, and Cockatiels. Read on for details!The SLFXL 3221 is a big, beautiful cage. It is available in five (5) color options. It measures 32" wide by 21" deep and stands 62" high with an inside height of [...]

King's Cages ES 1814 H: Home Sweet Home for Small Birds

With its pitched style "roof" the King's Cages ES 1814 H creates a perfect sanctuary for your Parakeet, Finch, or Cockatiel. Check out this great small cage!We're here today to discuss another of King's excellent bird cages. The ES 1814 H is a small cage with a plastic base and pull-out tray. Above the base is a [...]
August 31, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys
What is the best selling Bird Cage by Bonka Bird Toys?

What is the best selling Bird Cage by Bonka Bird Toys?

One of our best selling bird cages is the  King Cages SLFXL 3221. This cage is packed with features and easy to use. Learn more about the SLFXL3221 King Cage. The structure of the cage is stable and allows for easy movement within. The SLFXL 3221 is made of bird safe material and has a new [...]