Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Bird Cage Good Fit For Pionus Parrot?

The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage is an excellent choice for a Pionus, Ring-necked Parakeet, and other medium-sized birds. Read on to learn more.The Kings Cages SLUX 2822 Open Top Bird Cage is both luxurious and mighty. It has 5/8 inch (1.58cm) bar spacing with 4mm bar thickness. It is 28" (71.1cm) Wide [...]

Is the Kings Cages SLFXL 3221 A Good Cage For Lovebirds?

The Kings Cages SLFXL 3221 Extra Large Flight Cage is an awesome cage for small to medium-sized birds, including Lovebirds, and Cockatiels. Read on for details!The SLFXL 3221 is a big, beautiful cage. It is available in five (5) color options. It measures 32" wide by 21" deep and stands 62" high with an inside height of [...]