The Kings Cages SLF 6421 Small Flight Cage is perfect for your canary, finch, budgie or other bird. Keep reading to get the full low-down on this great cage.

The Kings Cages SLF 6421 is 65 inches (1.65m) Wide, 21.25 inches (.5m) Deep, and the entire unit, cage and stand, is 61.5 inches (1.5m) High. The inside of the cage offers 34.5 inches (.8m) of space for your companion pet. In addition to small birds, sugar gliders will also enjoy this cage.

Don't let the word "Small" in the name fool you, there is nothing small about this cage, but it is perfect for small birds. Multiple small birds such as finches, canaries, budgies, parrotlets, small conures, and many others will feel right at home in this sturdy, well-built cage. Not only that, but they will have room to spread their wings and fly about. In reality, this is equal to two (2) cages, with a removable partition in the middle. If you need to separate some birds from others, for nesting or other purposes, the partition comes in handy. Otherwise, with it removed, there is plenty of room for your small birds to fly.

With small birds, you might be tempted to try and get a taller cage, such as the Kings Cages SLFXL 3221, but in fact small birds enjoy more horizontal space, where larger birds require more vertical space. This makes the SLF 6421 particularly excellent for canaries and other small birds. In addition to birds, some other small pets, such as sugar gliders, will also enjoy spending time in this cage. Sugar gliders are nocturnal, they sleep in the day and are active at night. When they're sleeping, they prefer to spend time in little huts, or pouches, that you can hang all over the inside of the cage. As their name implies, they like to climb up, then glide down, either for fun, or when they feel threatened.

The Kings Cages SLF 6421 is powder-coated for excellent durability and can last twice as long as a cage with an inferior paint finish. It is also safer for your small bird or other pet, as the powder coating won't flake and chip like paint. This particular cage has 1/2 inch (1.27cm) bar spacing, so be sure to take this into consideration when purchasing. You don't want your beloved bird to get their head stuck between the bars. For reference, a penny is slightly wider than 1/2 inch (1.27cm) at its widest point. 

Two (2) nest box door openings are available, with four (4) plastic feeder dishes, each with a divider, and four (4) wooden inside perches that you can place wherever you like. As with any cage worth its salt, this one has a plastic tray with a metal grill above it, and both pull out for easy cleaning. The front of the cage has one large door on either side, and both doors have a spring lock to prevent birds or other pets from getting out. These doors are large enough to easily take your birds in and out as well as to hang toys and other items inside for their enrichment. 

Because the SLF 6421 is wider horizontally, it comes with the added bonus of having not one but two (2) storage shelves as part of the stand beneath the cage. These shelves are great for keeping regularly used items near at hand. Unfortunately, this also means that the footprint for this cage is relatively large. The stand has six (6) easy-rolling casters to allow you to easily move the cage for cleaning, or for a change of scenery for your bird buddies. There is one thing missing from this cage, and that is a built-in seed guard. There are other ways you can avoid a seed mess though, such as with special feeders.

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