1398 Medium Bonka Shredder Ball

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The 1398 Medium Super Shredder Ball from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and shreddable way for your feathered friend to have fun! This excellent ball of shred looks great in cages and is super accessible for pet birds to interact with. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector with a sturdy metal chain hanging from it. This chain hangs down to another sturdy metal ring that loops around soft natural rope at the top of the toy. This soft natural rope criss crosses all around the ball acting as a net to hold all of the great shreddy paper inside. Excellent brightly colored shreddy material is coming from everywhere around the whole ball! As your pet grabs and pulls on the shreddy paper more will come providing hours and hours of fun! The natural twine that the ball has also been made from feels great in beaks and in feet and is also in ample supply on the toy. As your pet chews and pulls on the shreddy bird toy paper and twine will keep coming out and falling down making for a supremely interesting shredding session!


The 1398 Medium Super Shredder Ball is 100% bird safe and weights and measures:

Height: (10) inches

Width: (7) inches

Weight: under (6) ounces

Also available in Tiny and Small.

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