Sola Teacup

$8.99 USD


Bonka Bird Toys Sola Teacup: A Royal Treat for Your Feathered Friends

Elegant Design & Engaging Features

  • Natural Sola Atta Ball: At the heart of this toy is a beautiful, natural Sola Atta ball, perfect for pecking and chewing.
  • Colorful Tea Cup Accent: Adorning the Sola ball is a decorative, colored cardboard tea cup, adding a touch of elegance to your aviary.
  • Wooden Beads & Shredding Paper: The inclusion of wooden beads and corresponding colored crinkly shredding paper provides an array of textures for endless fun.

Ideal Size for Various Birds

  • Perfect for Small to Medium Birds: Specially designed for Caiques, Conures, Quakers, and Ringnecks. This toy is the perfect size for these breeds, ensuring they can enjoy it without any hassle. Measures 8 inches high by 4 inches wide.

Promotes Healthy Behaviors

  • Encourages Foraging & Chewing: This teacup toy serves as a foraging and chew festival, meeting the instinctual needs of birds to chew and investigate.
  • Destructible Joy: The destructible nature of this toy is perfect for satisfying your bird’s natural chewing instincts.

Quality and Safety

  • Made in the USA: Proudly crafted in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality.
  • Bird-Safe Materials: The Bonka Bird Toy range utilizes a diverse selection of stimulating, bird-safe materials to promote the mental and physical well-being of pet birds.

Easy Placement

  • Quick Link for Easy Attachment: Equipped with a quick link, this toy is a breeze to place in your aviary, making it accessible to your birds in no time.