1078 Big Step Shredder

$9.99 USD

A Vibrant and Interactive Experience: The 1078 Big Step Shredder is an exceptional bird toy, crafted to provide a joyful and engaging shredding adventure. Its combination of colorful and shreddable elements makes it an ideal choice for birds who love to explore and destruct, offering both mental and physical stimulation.

Key Features:

  • Shredding Extravaganza: Features an array of shreddable bamboo finger traps, perfect for birds who enjoy tearing and pulling.
  • Interactive Design: With a sturdy metal wire at its core, the toy can be easily reshaped, keeping your bird intrigued and entertained.
  • Chewable Elements: Colorful wooden chew pieces and foam parts offer varied textures for beak health and satisfaction.
  • Safe and Secure: Equipped with a quick link connector for easy and secure hanging in any bird cage.
  • 100% Bird-Safe: Crafted with bird-safe materials, ensuring peace of mind for the safety of your feathered friend.


  • Height: Approximately 12 inches
  • Width: Approximately 6 inches
  • Depth: Approximately 0.75 inches
  • Weight: Under 3 ounces

Why Choose the 1078 Big Step Shredder?

  • Promotes Healthy Activity: Encourages natural behaviors like chewing and shredding, vital for your bird's well-being.
  • Stimulates Curiosity: The ability to change its shape adds an element of surprise, keeping your bird's interest piqued.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the enthusiastic play of your feathered friend.
  • Colorful and Attractive: Brightly colored components make this toy visually appealing to birds.

Elevate Your Bird's Playtime: The 1078 Big Step Shredder from Bonka Bird Toys is more than just a bird toy; it's a dynamic playground that offers endless fun and healthy engagement. Add this colorful shredding delight to your bird's habitat and watch as they enjoy hours of playful exploration!