1730 Foraging Heart

$9.99 USD



  • Delight Your Bird with the 1730 Foraging Heart: This medium-sized toy is packed with exciting features to captivate your pet bird, making it a fantastic addition to any bird cage.

    Engaging and Diverse Textures:

    • Colorful Chinese Finger Traps: Soft and chewable, perfect for beaks and talons.
    • Natural Vine Heart: Filled with colorful shreddy paper for irresistible foraging fun.
    • Wooden Beads and Plastic Straw: Add variety and interest to the toy.

    Designed for Foraging and Shredding:

    • Promotes Natural Behaviors: Encourages your bird to explore and forage, keeping them mentally stimulated.
    • Great for Beak Health: The shreddable materials help keep beaks trimmed and healthy.

    Perfectly Sized for Medium Birds:

    • Dimensions: Measures approximately 9 inches in height and 6 inches in width, with a depth of 1 inch.
    • Weight: A light 3 ounces, making it easy for birds to interact with.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to Install: Comes with a quick link connector for fast and secure hanging.
    • Colorful and Attractive: Ships in bright, bird-pleasing assorted colors.
    • 100% Bird Safe: Ensures your bird can play peacefully.

    Benefits for Your Bird:

    • Keeps Birds Busy: Offers hours of entertainment and satisfies shredding urges.
    • Mental and Physical Exercise: Stimulates the mind and encourages physical activity.
    • Enhances Cage Environment: Adds a vibrant and playful element to your bird's home.