2585 Peekaboo Box

$13.99 USD

Peekaboo Box Foraging Bird Toy

Unveil the Joy of Discovery

Elevate your bird's daily routine with the "Peekaboo Box," a layered treasure of exploration and fun. Designed to awaken your bird's inherent foraging instincts, this toy offers an enthralling experience that keeps them mentally and physically engaged.

Sized for the Perfect Adventure

  • Optimal Dimensions: The Peekaboo Box stands at 10.00 inches in height and 2.00 inches in width. This size ensures that it's large enough to provide a substantial challenge, yet compact enough not to overcrowd your bird's living space.
  • Feather-Light Fun: Weighing in at a mere 3 ounces, it's effortlessly manageable for your bird, allowing them to interact with it freely. This toy is especially suitable for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Conures, and similar-sized breeds.

Enrichment and Learning Combined

  • Instinctive Foraging: By encouraging your bird to seek out hidden treats, the Peekaboo Box not only entertains but also mimics natural foraging behaviors, vital for their mental health and well-being.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Constructed from bird-safe cardboard, it's an environmentally responsible choice that ensures safe playtime.
  • Eye-Catching Design: The toy is adorned with bright, non-toxic colors, making it an attractive addition to your bird's habitat.
  • Convenient Installation: Equipped with a robust natural rope, the Peekaboo Box can be easily hung in any cage or aviary, making setup a breeze.

Summary: A Blend of Fun and Nourishment

The Peekaboo Box Foraging Toy is more than just a diversion; it's a pathway to a more fulfilled and active life for your feathered friend. It seamlessly blends enjoyment with essential mental stimulation, contributing to your bird's overall happiness and health.