1000 Sola Love

$6.99 USD

Crafted for Joy and Engagement: Indulge your pet bird in the ultimate playtime experience with the Bonka Bird Toys' 1000 Sola Love. Designed with your avian companion's delight in mind, this charming toy combines the allure of a natural sola ball with the playful whimsy of vibrant paper decorations.

Engaging Features:

  • Central Sola Ball: At the heart of the 1000 Sola Love is a lightweight and chewable sola ball, perfect for pecking and play.
  • Decorative Paper Cup: Encircling the sola ball is a delightful paper cup adorned with a heart pattern, adding a pop of love and color to your bird's environment.
  • Paper Fringes: Cascading paper fringes in a soft pink hue provide an array of textures to satisfy your bird's shredding instincts.

Made in the USA: Proudly crafted in the USA, the 1000 Sola Love toy stands as a testament to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that your bird is engaging with a product that meets high standards for safety and durability. Approximately measuring 7 inches in Height and 4 inches in Width.

Perfect for Your Bird's Lifestyle: Whether your feathered friend is a playful parakeet or a curious conure, the 1000 Sola Love toy is designed to cater to a variety of birds. Its size and composition make it an ideal addition to any cage, providing hours of entertainment and stimulation.

Easy to Install: Equipped with a reliable hanging mechanism, this toy can be easily installed in your bird's cage, making it accessible for fun at any time.

Why Choose 1000 Sola Love?

  • Encourages natural play and shredding behavior.
  • Adds a splash of color and texture to your bird's living space.
  • Supports the well-being of your bird by providing mental and physical stimulation.

Join the Bonka Bird Toys Family: As part of the Bonka Bird Toys collection, the 1000 Sola Love toy is more than just a plaything; it's an investment in your bird's happiness and health. Bring home this delightful toy and watch as your bird discovers new levels of joy and activity!