Sola Bunny

$9.99 USD


Sola Bunny Bird Toy: A Natural Delight in Every Hop

Bunny-Faced Bliss

  • Playful Bunny Face: Adorning the top is a whimsical bunny face, complete with ears, enticing your bird's curiosity and play instinct.
  • Engaging for Beaks and Talons: Designed to be explored and enjoyed, this feature is sure to be a hit during your bird's playtime.

Sola Ball Centerpiece

  • Natural Sola Ball: The heart of the Sola Bunny, offering a satisfying texture for pecking and a perfect spot for hiding treats.
  • Foraging Fun: Encourages your bird's natural foraging habits, providing mental stimulation and active engagement.

Shreddable Surprises

  • Colorful Shreddy Paper: Encasing the sola ball, this paper in matching vibrant colors is ready for your bird to pull, pick, and preen.
  • Mimics Natural Behavior: Helps maintain a healthy level of stimulation and prevents boredom, mimicking wild birds' activities.

Ideally Sized for Avian Amusement

  • Substantial Presence: Measures approximately 11 inches in height and 5 inches in width, ideal for Conures, Ringnecks, African Greys, and similar breeds.

Key Benefits

  • Vivid Color Options: Choose from Pink, Blue, Green, or Purple to personalize your bird's space.
  • Bird-Safe Design: Crafted with safe, non-toxic materials for your peace of mind.
  • American-Made Quality: Trust in the long-lasting, trusted craftsmanship for your bird's playtime routine.

Embrace the joy of natural play and discovery with the Sola Bunny Bird Toy. This Easter-inspired plaything is not just a toy; it's a celebration of joy and natural behaviors in your bird's world. Bring this adorable addition to your bird's habitat and watch them delight in their own personal playground!