1474 Poker Dice

$8.99 USD

The 1474 Poker Dice from Bonka Bird Toys is an amazing looking colorful chewy toy for your medium-sized feathered friend. At the top of this medium bird toy, there is a quick link connector making hanging fast and easy. A metal wire loops around the connector and passes through the whole toy as its backbone. Colorful pieces of foam and a colored plastic straw piece adorn the wire. The first thing your pet will find is (4) colorful playing cards that are each separated by a colored piece of foam. The playing cards are great for your pet to chew on and grab with their feet. There are (3) sets of these cards and foam pieces on the 1474 Poker Dice. In between each of these cards, sets are large colorful foam poker dice. These are soft to the touch and each for your pet to grab and chew. On the bottom of this toy, there is another playing card and a bundle of multicolored shreddy paper. The paper is a perfect opportunity for your pet to grab and pull. The assorted colors and textures on this medium bird toy look absolutely wonderful in any cage they're installed.

The 1474 Poker Dice weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (11) inches

Width: (3.5) or (3 1/2) inches

Weight: Around (3) ounces

  • Awesome colorful chewy delight.
  • Great assortment of colors and textures.
  • Eye pleasing design.
  • Comes with a quick link hanging connector.