1014 Sola Fairy

$9.99 USD

1014 Sola Fairy Bird Toy: A Whimsical Charm for Your Bird's Day from Bonka Bird Toys

Enchanting Design for Feathered Friends

  • Lightweight Sola Atta Ball: At the core of this fairy-tale creation, offering a soft and spongy texture perfect for gentle pecking and chewing.
  • Charming Rubber Duck Topper: Perched atop the toy, this bath time companion doubles as a delightful playmate, captivating your bird's attention.

Delicate and Playful Details

  • Pink Paper Tendrils: Cascading below the sola ball, these delicate paper elements mimic the rustling of fairy wings, providing a satisfying tactile experience.
  • Visual Stimulation: The soft pink hue adds a vibrant pop of color, stimulating your bird's visual senses and brightening their environment.

Interactive and Engaging

  • Encourages Shredding Instincts: Designed to engage your bird's natural shredding behavior, promoting mental stimulation and physical activity.
  • Durable Focal Point: The rubber duck not only adds cuteness but also withstands curious beaks, offering a robust centerpiece for interaction.

Easy to Install and Perfectly Sized

  • Durable Link Chain: Suspended from a sturdy chain, the "Sola Fairy" is easy to hang in any birdcage.
  • Ideal Dimensions: Measuring 8 inches in height and 4 inches in width, it's perfectly sized for small to medium birds like Conures, Cockatiels, and Parakeets.

Magical Playtime Experience

The 1014 Sola Fairy Bird Toy is more than just an addition to your bird's habitat; it's a source of enchantment and playful exploration. Ideal for bird owners looking to offer their pets a delightful challenge while adding a whimsical touch to their space. Watch your feathered companion bask in the magic of the "Sola Fairy," engaging in hours of fun as they nibble the sola ball and dance with the fluttering paper. A spellbinding experience for both pet and owner alike!