1241 Double Helix

$13.99 USD

1241 Double Helix Bird Toy by Bonka Bird Toys

Ultimate Shredding and Interactive Play Experience

Transform your bird's playtime with the 1241 Double Helix from Bonka Bird Toys, a medium-sized bird toy meticulously designed for engaging shredding and interactive fun. This dynamic toy, adorned with colorful and varied components, promises to keep your feathered friend entertained and stimulated for hours.

Quick and Secure Hanging

The Double Helix features a quick link connector at the top, ensuring fast and secure hanging in your bird's cage. Built with a sturdy metal wire as its backbone, this toy guarantees durability and stability, allowing your bird to safely explore and enjoy its features.

Colorful and Varied Components

This exciting toy is decorated with an array of cardboard shreds, colorful plastic beads, and natural wooden beads. These elements provide a variety of textures and materials for your bird to investigate, catering to their natural curiosity and chewing instincts.

Interactive Bamboo Finger Traps and Vine Ladders

At the bottom and on either side, the Double Helix boasts bunches of three colorful bamboo finger traps, perfect for chewing and shredding. Natural vine ladders on two levels add complexity and fun. These components are mounted on sturdy metal wires that can be rotated, allowing you to customize the toy's shape and setup for endless play possibilities.

Pullable Rubber Rings for Added Fun

Colorful rubber rings hang from metal loops at the ends of the bamboo finger traps, offering additional elements for your bird to pull and grab. These rings not only enhance the toy's appeal but also add an extra layer of fun and functionality.

Shape-Changing Versatility

The unique design of the Double Helix enables you to adjust and experiment with various toy configurations, keeping your bird's interest piqued. This versatility ensures that each play session remains fresh and exciting, providing continuous opportunities for exploration and play.

Safe and Suitable for Medium Birds

Measuring approximately 11 inches in height and 9 inches in width, and weighing under 3 ounces, the 1241 Double Helix is perfectly sized for medium birds. Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, this toy offers a secure and enjoyable environment for your pet to play in.

Product Highlights:

  • Dynamic and adjustable design for interactive play
  • Assortment of chewable and shreddable materials
  • Features bamboo finger traps and vine ladders for added interest
  • Colorful rubber rings for pulling and grabbing
  • Quick link connector for easy and secure cage hanging
  • Made with 100% bird-safe materials

Enhance your bird's playtime with the 1241 Double Helix, a colorful, chewable, and endlessly customizable play experience that caters to the natural instincts and preferences of medium-sized birds.