00708 Wind Chimes

$11.99 USD

The 00708 Wind Chimes from Bonka Bird Toys is colorful and easy to play with bird toy for your medium to a large-sized feathered friend. This very accessible bird toy has bird-safe parts and bright colors and is easy to play with materials. The top of the bird toy has a quick link connector for fast hanging in the cage. A small link chain hangs down and passes through a drilled hole in the middle of each of the wooden colorful chew balls. This link chain ends in a sturdy metal ring with a metal bell hanging from it. There is a sturdy metal ring that hangs the natural cotton bird-safe shoelace with a colorful bird-safe wooden chew ball above and below it. Each shoelace hangs over the top and strings through a small loop. Each of the strings hangs (2) legs of cotton shoestring that have been adorned with many pieces of colorful straw and colorful plastic beads. At the bottom of each of the cotton, shoestrings are a small knot with some cotton fray coming out of the end.

The 00708 Wind Chimes is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (15) inches

Width: (3) inches at its widest

Weight: (3) ounces 

  • Prevents boredom, keeps your bird busy, and prevents depression and destructive behaviors.
  • Bird safe, the toy is Designed with bird-safe materials to ensure pet birds' well-being.
  • Easily attach a link; it comes with easy to attach pear link connector for your cage.
  • Parrots love it and simulate the preening of the 100% cotton rope and the chewing texture of plastic straws.
  • Perfect size, suitable for Caiques, Conures, Quakers, Ringnecks, and similar birds.
  • Quality Construction. made in the USA.