3639 Pk12 Regular Natural Sola Slices

$4.49 USD

The 3639 Pk12 Regular Natural Sola Slices from Bonka Bird Toys are first-rate bird foot toys pets love! This bird toy pack includes (12) Sola Sola Slices. Each sola slice is made from the stem of the Sola plant. This plant's botanical name is Aeschynomene Aspera and makes for the ideal bird (and other pets too!) foot and chew toys. The sola material is soft, spongy, and easy for pets to bite with their beak and grab with their feet. The slices can be easily broken up to make different shapes or to provide extra chewing and foraging material. The sola material also weighs very little, allowing your pet to pick the slices up, toss them around, and manipulate them as they see fit. The sola slices are great for other small pets providing a safe, natural chew material. The sola slices can even be used for traditional art and craft projects with their charming shape and neat-looking surfaces. The 3639 Pk12 Regular Natural Sola Slices are 100% bird-safe and each measure about (3.00) inches long by (1.00) inches wide by (0.25) deep. Keep in mind that the size of each slice varies slightly as these are natural products.

  • All-natural foraging and chewing items.

  • Easy to play with soft material.

  • It can be used in tons of different ways.

  • 100% bird safe.