1576 Big Rainbow Rope

$9.99 USD

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The 1576 Big Rainbow Rope is an ideal toy for your medium to large sized bird who loves lots of movement, color, and interactivity. 1576 begins with a quick link cage attachment making installation easy in almost any cage. The quick link cage attachment loops through a sturdy metal ring. This ring loops through a medium sized thick colored plastic ring. The ring then has a large bundle of blue, yellow and pink ropes strung through it. Right below this is a tightly wound bunch of ropes that keep the other ropes snugly fit the colored plastic ring. These ropes hang downward and are super easy for your bird to play with. All of the ropes that hang down have flayed ends which make grabbing and biting a breeze. The toy is very easy to manipulate and will create lots of movement and excitement when your pet plays with it. 1576 is made with 100% bird safe materials.

Height: (11) inches

Width: (1.5) inches

Depth: (1.5)inches

Weight: About (5) ounces

  • 11 inches long with a 1.5 inch wide and depth at the bundle at the top of the toy.
  • Ropes have three great bright colors sure to catch your birds' attention.
  • Easy cage installation which will fit in most aviaries.
  • It is made with 100% bird safe materials.
  • Colors may vary.