Your small bird will enjoy the 36407 Clip Mirror. The mirror and colored counting beads will attract their attention. Learn about the 36407 Clip Mirror.

The 36407 Clip Mirror is a fun mirror toy for small pet birds. You can easily clip the toy inside a birdcage for your flying pal to play with. This toy is made from a durable plastic for long-lasting fun, and it can be placed vertically or horizontally. It is available from Bonka Bird Toys.

Mirror toys like the 36407 Clip Mirror can be a surprisingly big hit for certain birds. It’s not too much of a shock when you think about. Birds love shiny objects like mirrors, and some birds are even able to recognize themselves. Once your feathered friend sees their reflection, they will be super eager to check it out. They will poke at the mirror and turn curiously at it to try and learn more. You will have tons of fun watching your beaked pal check out their new toy.

But the 36407 Clip Mirror has some extra fun built in to help keep your bird engaged. There are colorful counting beads on the toy for your pet to play with. They can chew on the beads to work their beak or just push them back and forth for some amusement. The beads are completely bird-safe, so you will have peace of mind while your pet enjoys its playtime. With two (2) rows of beads, your small bird is sure to stay super busy!

The 36407 Clip Mirror is made from a tough plastic, and it can be easily cleaned if needed. This will help it become a main attraction in the cage for a long time. The clip allows for easy attachment, and it doesn’t matter if you secure it vertically or horizontally. The toy measures about five (5) inches long and 2.625 inches wide, making it great for small birds. You can choose between red and green for color. This fun mirror toy is available right now from Bonka Bird Toys.

September 29, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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