Your curious feathered friend can see themselves in the 36408 Lantern Mirror. It comes in three (3) exciting colors. Learn about the 36408 Lantern Mirror.

The 36408 Lantern Mirror from Bonka Bird Toys is a fun mirror toy for your small bird to enjoy. The shiny reflective surfaces on all four sides will surely amuse your bird, and the plastic construction is very durable. You can get the 36408 Lantern Mirror in red, yellow, and green.

Birds always seem to take great interest in shiny and reflective surfaces. This makes mirrors particularly attractive for birds. A simple mirror in the birdcage can really stimulate your bird and keep them excited and happy. But the 36408 Lantern Mirror from Bonka Bird Toys really takes this to the next level. With mirrors on all four (4) sides, your feathered friend will be super eager no matter which way they approach the toy.

Depending on your bird, they may be able to recognize themselves in the reflection of the 36408 Lantern Mirror. This will encourage them to fly up to the mirror and poke at it. Some bird owners like to say that their pet is giving themselves kisses! Even if your pet doesn’t recognize their reflection, they will still enjoy the shiny, reflective surface of the mirrors. And you can easily clean them so that they maintain their shiny look and appearance.

But there’s more to the 36408 Lantern Mirror than just some reflective surfaces. The toy is made of a durable plastic to ensure long-lasting fun. You can choose between red, yellow, and green so meet your bird’s interest. Or just get all three and see which one your bird likes the best! You can conveniently hang each one up using the quick link attachment chain.

The 36408 Lantern Mirror also has a ringing bell at the bottom of the mirror frame to provide some pleasant sound effects. This will surely keep your bird stimulated and amused while they poke and move the mirror. The toy is completely bird-safe, and it measures four (4) inches long and 1.5 inches wide. You can get this fun toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

September 29, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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