A fun swinging toy for small birds is the 36505 Count Swing. Your feathered friend can swing and play on this fun toy. Learn about the 36505 Count Swing.

The 36505 Count Swing is a swinging toy for smaller birds. This toy has an arch design, and it can be easily hung using its built-in hook so. Your bird will be able to perch on the toy and swing while they play. It also includes counting beads and two (2) ringing bells hanging below.

All pet birds need some toys so that they do not become bored. The 36505 Count Swing provides the perfect way to keep your small feathered friend happy and engaged. This toy will let your pet play in a variety of different ways. It will certainly become a favorite for a long time.

The main construction of the 36505 Count Swing comes from a durable plastic that forms a triangular shape. Your bird can perch on the base and play with the counting beads. These beads are safe for chewing, and your pet can also push them back and forth for some amusement. The plastic construction is also very easy to clean when needed.

But the real fun from the 36505 Count Swing comes from the ability to swing the toy back and forth as it hangs. Gently swaying and swinging is a lot of fun for a bird, and it will help them enjoy their play session. There are also two (2) bells hanging at the bottom, and they will provide some pleasant ringing sound effects when the toy swings and moves.

The 35605 Count Swing comes in two (2) available colors, which are yellow and white. The toy measures about four (4) inches long and three (3) inches across, making it best-suited for small birds. The hook on the top allows for easy hanging and cage placement. The toy is completely bird-safe, making it perfect for your pet. You can get the 36505 Count Swing from Bonka Bird Toys.

September 29, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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