Bonka Bird Toys has some fun toys for larger birds and parrots. Our website has fantastic parrot toys for your bird. Check out these fun large parrot toys.

You can get large parrot toys from Bonka Bird Toys. Our website has a huge selection of larger bird toys that are perfect for parrots. These toys will keep your bird entertained and encourage positive behavior. Two of our favorites are the 2138 Big Circle Chew and the 3370 Huge Jumble Chew.

Parrots are smart, curious birds that love to stay active and play. You can help keep your parrot healthy by getting some fun and exciting toys for it to play with. The best toy for a parrot is something large and colorful that offers lots of bits to chew and pull upon. With the right toy, your parrot can get some get some exercise and blow off some steam with a rowdy play session.

The first toy we are looking at today is the 2138 Big Circle Chew. This bold and attractive toy features a variety of bird-safe objects arranged in a circle. Your parrot will enjoy the different textures and colors presented by this toy. Every play session can be unique, as there are many ways for your bird to enjoy the versatile toy. It fits nicely in most cages, as the toy is about 12 inches long and 9 inches in diameter. The vine balls are about 2 inches across.

The 2138 Big Circle Chew includes colorful natural vine balls that are separated by wood slivers and sisal rope. There is also a bell to provide some ringing sound effects. Your feathered friend will love to pull on the wood slivers and rope, while the natural vine balls make the perfect chew toy. This large bird toy offers so many possibilities for your parrot, and it is completely bird-safe.

Next, we want to examine the 3370 Huge Jumble Chew. This is a super fun toy for larger parrots that includes lots of attractive shapes and colors. A sturdy chain supports pieces of wood and soft cotton rope for your bird to chew. Some of the bundles include a knot of sisal to provide some more pulling action. Your parrot can chew and pull on the knots to get a satisfying work out. The 3370 Huge Jumble Chew is about 18 inches long and 7 inches wide, and it is completely bird-safe.

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