Good macaw toys are colorful, bird-safe, and have lots of fun bits for chewing. You can count on Bonka Bird Toys for great macaw toys. Check out our favorites.

You can get fun macaw toys from Bonka Bird Toys. As a macaw owner, you know how important it is to keep your bird happy and engaged. Macaw birds love to stay active and enjoy fun play sessions. Luckily, Bonka Bird Toys has exactly what a macaw needs to get some excitement in its life.

Macaws are very sociable birds that love to talk and converse with those around them. They are highly playful, and they do best when they are regularly provided with new toys to play with. Macaws are interested in colorful objects, so it’s no surprise that the best macaw bird toys are multi-colored with lots of moving parts. We’re here at Bonka Bird Toys to help you find the best bird toys for macaws.

One toy we recommend for macaws is the 41358 Large Linx. This is a chewing and pulling toy that offers lots of attractive colors and different textures. Medium to large birds will enjoy all the chewy materials, which include mahogany pods, corn husks, bamboo, and abaca. The materials are colored using bird-safe food dyes to make them even more appealing to your feathered friend.

The 41358 Large Linx makes the perfect centerpiece for a bird cage, as it really has a little bit of everything. Your macaw will love to pluck and pull on the toy for a fun workout. The toy measures about 12 inches long and 4 inches across. Every material used in the toy is bird-safe, and a natural fiber loop makes it easy to hang in the cage.

Another toy that is great for a pet macaw is the 1811 Double Pyramid. This multi-colored toy features colored wooden planks that your bird can chew and twist for hours on end. The hanging playground is super attractive to a macaw, as your bird will be very eager to swing and pull as they chew on the colored wooden planks.

The 1811 Double Pyramid is a simple and effective toy that measures measures 19 inches long and 7 inches wide. It is completely bird-safe, so you can experience peace of mind while your macaw plays. It includes a quick-link attachment for easy placement in a macaw bird cage. You can get this toy and many other excellent products from Bonka Bird Toys.

November 11, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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