Rainbow toys are appealing because their multiple colors are attractive to pet birds. You can find rainbow toys from Bonka Bird Toys. Check out our favorites.

Some rainbow toys from Bonka Bird Toys include the 3317 PK3 Large Rainbow Spike Balls and the 3402 PK12 Rainbow Sola Chips. These toys have multi-colored designs that are appealing to birds, and they are completely bird-safe. Bonka Bird Toys is proud to sell these fun and exciting toys.

The design of a toy is an important consideration to make when treating your feathered friend. You want to pick a toy that will attract their attention and encourage them to play. Rainbow toys are perfect for this, as birds love bright, colorful objects. You really can’t go wrong with rainbow bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

The first toy we will be discussing today is the 3317 PK3 Large Rainbow Spike Balls. These are multi-colored rubber spiky balls that your bird can use in a variety of different ways. The soft spikes feel nice on a bird’s talons and beak. The spike balls are quite versatile, as your bird can use them as both a foot toy and a chew toy.

Your bird will love the multi-color rainbow design of the 3317 PK3 Large Rainbow Spike Balls. It is fun to roll and bounce these balls around to give your beaked pal an active and engaging play session. Each ball measures about about 2.25 inches in diameter and is completely bird-safe. You get three (3) balls inside each pack.

Another awesome rainbow-colored bird toy is the 3402 PK12 Rainbow Sola Chips. These are twelve (12) sola wood chips that are colored with USDA approved food dye. Birds love to chew on soft sola wood as a way of exercising their beaks. It really feels great for a bird to bite down and gnaw on this versatile and therapeutic material. As a softer chewing material, it is ideal for disabled or older birds.

There are six (6) different colors of sola chips included with each order of the 3402 PK12 Rainbow Sola Chips. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Your flying pal will love the bright colors of these sola pieces, and the wood will really catch their eye. As this is a natural material, the size will vary slightly between the pieces. The average size is about 3.5 inches across and 1.5 inch deep.

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