Small birds love the 3278 Paci Clip. This toy has a sturdy chain decorated with stainless steel chips and plastic pacifiers. Learn about the 3278 Paci Clip.

The 3278 Paci Clip is chew and sound toy for small birds. The toy is comprised of a sturdy metal chain with five (5) tiny metal rings. Each metal ring has a stainless steel chip and two (2) colorful acrylic pacifiers. The stainless steel reflects light and help the rest of the toy stand out.

Smaller birds can get great use out of the 3278 Paci Clip. All pet birds need fun toys to prevent boredom and keep them mentally stimulated. Toys like the 3278 Paci Clip from Bonka Bird Toys thoroughly accomplish this goal. Your feathered friend will absolutely love their new plaything.

One of the best aspects of this toy is the fact that the stainless steel chips reflect light. The light then passes through the translucent colored pacifiers to create a vibrant visual effect. This explosion of light and color is most prominent when the toy is in motion. And having the toy jangle around will create an attractive display of light and color that will amuse your small bird.

But the 3278 Paci Clip offers more than just some visual displays. It also provides fun sound effects when the toy is wiggled. This is caused by the stainless steel chips hitting against the metal rings. Your beaked pal will love to chew on the acrylic pacifiers and pull on the toy to produce the pleasant ringing sound. It is loud enough to amuse them, but quiet enough to not bother you!

You really cannot go wrong with the 3278 Paci Clip. It provides all your bird needs for a good time. The toy offers excellent visual effects, fun sound effects, and safe chewing materials. It is durable enough to withstand repeated play sessions, and it is easy to clean. This toy measures about 10 inches long, and it has a depth of 2 inches. It can be hung in a variety of different ways. Most users dangle it from the top of the cage using the quick link attachment.

September 02, 2019 — Bonka Bird Toys

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