The 1929 Small Clacker has the shiny appearance and noisy sounds that small birds love. Delight your favorite feathered friend with the 1929 Small Clacker.

The 1929 Small Clacker is a small bird toy that features stainless steel measuring cups and plastic acrylic pacifiers. The toy is hung from the top of the cage, and the various parts all clang together to make satisfying sounds. It is truly a fun treat for smaller birds looking to play.

You can brighten any bird cage with a shiny and fun toy like the 1929 Small Clacker from Bonka Bird Toys. Birds can quickly become restless, and you need to provide them with amusing toys to play with. The 1929 Small Clacker offers exactly what you need for your smaller feathered friend. It is simple to hang from the cage, and it will become an immediate hit with your pet.

The toy has a small link chain that holds its pieces and parts together. The chain passes through a four-way plastic piece, which each of the four (4) sections leading to a metal ring. Each metal ring supports a single stainless steel measuring cup and an acrylic pacifier. Your beaked pal can pull on each of the rings to move the parts around. Everything is in close enough proximity that the parts will bash and clang against each other for some noisy fun. Your bird will love to make some noise and play with the 1929 Small Clacker for hours on end!

The 1929 Small Clacker measures about nine (9) inches tall and four (4) inches wide. It weighs under five (5) ounces, so even the smallest of birds will be able to enjoy some fun play time. The shiny stainless steel cups and colored acrylic pacifiers will quickly attract your bird’s attention. There is also a quick-link attachment at the top of the toy for easy hanging. All the parts used in this toy are bird-safe. This product is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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