Medium to large sized birds will love the 1750 Clacker! The toy has shiny stainless steel cups and colorful acrylic pacifiers. Learn about the 1750 Clacker.

The 1750 Clacker is a bird toy from Bonka Bird Toys that is built for medium to large sized birds. The toy consists of a link chain with four (4) stainless steel measuring cups and five (5) colorful acrylic pacifiers. Not only is it attractive to birds, it also allows for fun beak exercises.

Keeping your pet stimulated and amused is always very important. A bored bird may resort to unwanted or destructive behavior if they aren’t provided with toys to keep them entertained. The 1750 Clacker will prevent this from happening, as it allows for fun play time sessions that will keep your bird excited and engaged. Many birds express happiness and delight as soon as the 1750 Clacker is hung from the cage.

The design of the 1750 Clacker is very straightforward and simple. Starting at the top, you will find the quick-link attachment for hanging the toy. As you move downward, you will come to a plastic 4-way joint that leads to four separate sections of the toy. Each section has a chain with a stainless steel cup and a colorful acrylic pacifier. You also get another acrylic pacifier below the plastic 4-way joint for good measure. In total, there are five (5) acrylic pacifiers and four (4) stainless steel cups on this fun toy! The plastic 4-way joint and the acrylic pacifiers are available in color options of white, blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

Birds have many reasons to get excited about the 1750 Clacker. The shiny cups and colorful pacifiers are very attractive to birds, and they will encourage your pet to have some fun play time. Many birds like to gnaw on the acrylic pacifiers and pull the toy all around. When they do, the stainless steel cups will clash and clang against each other to make high-pitched ringing sounds. These sounds are very satisfying for birds, and they will keep your feathered friend coming back for more. With both visual and audible stimulation, you can’t go wrong with the 1750 Clacker from Bonka Bird Toys. Your beaked pal will remain happy, healthy, and strong by engaging into active tug and pull sessions with this amusing toy.

To install the 1750 Clacker, simply hang it from the top of the birdcage using the quick link attachment. This will keep it nice and secure as your bird plays. You can always detach it and move it somewhere else later if needed. All of the materials used in the 1750 Clacker are safe for birds, and they feel great on a bird’s beak. You can even expand upon the toy by attaching other bird-safe toys to the chain. Make sure to supervise your pet the first time they play with the toy to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. The toy measures about (13) inches long, and it is about five (5) inches across at its widest point. This makes it best-suited for medium to large birds. Smaller birds can also enjoy the 1750 Clacker, but they may find it a bit difficult to chew on. You can get this fun toy and many other exciting bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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