Needing a quick treat for your medium-sized bird to beat cage boredom? The 1366 Duo Tea is a great option! Learn about the 1366 Duo Tea from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1366 Duo Tea is a medium-sized bird toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It features multiple shiny spoons and acrylic colored pacifiers that are sure to please your beaked pal. The bright colors and fun sounds will keep them excited for hours on end, and they will love to play with their new toy!

You might be wondering how the 1366 Duo Tea gets its name. It actually comes from the two (2) T-shaped plastic pieces that are used in this toy. You might also see this toy being called the 1366 Two T or the 1366 Two Tea. No matter how you see it named, you can rest assured that it is the same high-quality product from Bonka Bird Toys. And your flying friend is sure to love it!

A sturdy metal link chain runs through the entire toy. As you run down past the quick-link attachment at the top, you get to the first see-through T-shaped plastic piece. This splits off in two (2) directions. Each end leads to a metal ring with an acrylic pacifier and a shiny stainless steel spoon. Your pet will love these fun treats that can clang around and make some noise.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. A third metal ring is actually attached to a center opening in the T-shaped plastic piece. This metal ring has a third acrylic pacifier for good measure. A second link chain is also attached to this metal ring. And if you follow that chain downward, then you will eventually reach a second see-through T-shaped plastic piece with the same configuration! That’s right - there is a second set of stainless steel spoons and acrylic pacifiers for your bird to enjoy! In total, this party starter of a bird toy features six (6) acrylic pacifiers, four (4) stainless steel spoons, and 100% guaranteed fun.

The 1366 Duo Tea from Bonka Bird Toys measures about 13 inches tall, four (4) inches wide, and one (1) inch deep. It weighs under six (6) ounces, so your pet will have no trouble pushing and pulling it around. However, the height of 13 inches might be intimidating for really small birds. They might prefer something smaller, such as the 1929 Small Clacker. But medium birds will have no trouble with the toy. All of the parts used in the 1366 Duo Tea are completely bird-safe, and there is a quick-link attachment at the top for easy installation.

February 18, 2020 — Bonka Bird Toys

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