If you are wanting a fun chew toy for a medium to large bird, you might consider the 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew. Learn about this product from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew is a seagrass chewing toy from Bonka Bird toys. This toy is built with medium to large sized birds in mind. Birds can bite down on the 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew to chew and shred it all up. This is the perfect way for your pet to keep its beak healthy and strong.

Providing your pet bird with fun and engaging toys toy chew on is very important. Your feathered friend needs a way to keep its beak properly maintained. Additionally, fun toys help keep birds happy and stimulated. A bored bird can quickly turn to destructive and undesirable behaviors. But you can prevent that from happening by providing your pet with an exciting toy like the 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew consists of a woven seagrass lanyard that is adorned with colorful wooden discs, wood blocks, colorful paper strands, and two (2) bells. Seagrass is a softer material that provides a nice, satisfying texture for a bird’s beak. In particular, birds with beak injuries and older birds often enjoy chewing the material. Stronger birds can even shred the material for some healthy destruction. Your bird can work its way up to the tougher wooden blocks and discs as its beak strengthens.

Another great aspect of the 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew is its fun design. The toy looks a bit silly, but it is really good for attracting a bird’s attention. The natural seagrass material is exactly like what a bird may discover out in nature, and that will make your beaked pal super eager to play. Meanwhile, the bright colors of the wooden blocks and discs are really eye-catching. The same can be said for the colorful paper strands that hang below. Birds are always attracted to bright colors, and your pet will be extremely curious once they see the 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew.

The two (2) bells on the 1855 Lanyard Fish Chew add a nice touch. They will ring and make pleasing sounds as your bird chews and shreds. This will encourage your pet to keep coming back for more. This toy measures about one (1) foot long, and it is roughly half a foot wide. This size makes it great for medium to large pet birds. It has a quick-link attachment at the top for easy hanging in the cage. This toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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