Large birds love to play with the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball and the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball. Check out these plastic ball toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

Some good plastic ball bird toys include the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball and the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball. These toys are brightly colored to attract a bird’s attention, and they are great for rolling and swinging around. They are very versatile and can be used in many creative ways.

In an earlier post, we took a look at the 1006 Huge Tuff Balls. But today, we would like to focus on two other plastic ball toys. First up, we have the 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball. This is a simple and straightforward ball toy from Bonka Bird Toys. It consists of three (3) large plastic balls that are each attached to their own link chain. These link chains all meet at the top with a metal ring and a quick-link attachment. By hanging this toy from the top of the birdcage, the three plastic balls will dangle below.

Each plastic ball has a bright and colorful design, and there is a rattler inside each ball to make some sound effects as your pet plays. Birds love to perch down and knock the balls around so that they bounce off each other. Since the balls have large openings, you can easily hide treats and surprises inside for some foraging fun. Each ball measures five (5) inches in diameter, and the entire toy is roughly 13 inches tall and nine (9) inches across. The quick-link attachment allows for easy hanging. The 1479 Huge Plastic Three Ball is completely bird-safe.

If you don’t want three hanging balls, you might instead consider the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball. This is just a single 5-inch plastic ball that you can leave at the bottom of the cage to use as a foot toy. Many birds love to try and balance on top of objects. Your feathered friend can grip its talons on the ball and try to balance itself. This provides excellent lower body exercise for a bird. And the foraging potential is still there, as you can use the ball’s openings to hide treats. Remember, foraging is super important for birds, as it keeps them mentally stimulated.

The rattler inside the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball makes its triumphant return, and your bird will surely enjoy the fun sound effects from this toy. You might also just toss the ball around with your kids or roll it around the floor. The toy is perfect for birds, and it is just a fun ball in general. And just like all of the products we feature, the 2008 Huge 5-Inch Plastic Ball is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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