The 3537 PK2 Bonka Bug is an excellent toy for any parrot species, including the Indian Ringneck. Read on to learn more about this wonderful tactile stimulant.

3537 Pk2 Bonka Bug

The 3537 PK2 Bonka Bug has four (4) segments, including the head. Each segment is made of rubber with knobby protrusions all around, except the head, which has a smooth face. Each segment is a different color, and the body segments each have two (2) little feet, so that the toy can "stand" flat.

If you've been paying attention to our blogs and faqs you know that we are concerned about companion parrot foot health. In the wild, a parrot uses their feet all the time, on many different types of surfaces, and this helps to keep their feet healthy, and their nails from overgrowth. Companion parrots may have a variety of surfaces they traverse in their day-to-day, but that is not going to provide them the same type of tactile experience they will get in the wild. 

For that reason, we're excited to bring you this toy. The knobby rubber protrusions all over each of the 3537 PK2 Bonka Bugs (2 per pack) will provide a great feeling for your companion parrot's feet. They will want to grab these two over and over just to feel them "squish" and to get the massaging feeling from the rubber spikes. The 3537 PK2 Bonka Bugs can be placed flat on their own little feet, or they can be suspended within the aviary, either by themselves, or from another toy, simply by looping twine or other bird-safe material around the bug's body. This will provide your companion parrot with interesting, and different orientation for their grasping feet to take hold of the bugs. This toy won't help much with your parrot's nails, but it provides an excellent foot workout. We also offer the 3431 Bonka Bug, which is a single bug with a quick link connector for hanging.

Although these are predominantly foot toys, they can also stand up to some relatively aggressive chewing as well. Each bug weighs about 2 ounces (56.6 grams) which makes them slightly weightier than some other foot toys. The 3537 PK2 Bonka Bugs are 1.5" (3.81cm) High, 1.25" (3.17cm) Wide, and 3.25" (8.25cm) Deep. As always, these and all of our Bonka Bird Toys are made from 100% bird-safe materials.

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