The 1505 Duo Spoon Bobble is one of the more durable toys available. If your cockatoo enjoys making noise, then this toy offers a lot of clang for your buck!

1505 Duo Spoon Bobble

The 1505 Duo Spoon Bobble is an exciting toy. From a small quick link connector, hangs a metal loop. A metal chain hangs from it, passing through plastic beads and inverted stainless steel cups. Also, inside each cup hang stainless steel spoons. Leather and acrylic elements round out this toy.

The 1505 Duo Spoon Bobble will satisfy even the most ardent noise-maker in your aviary! It has a variety of elements including plastic beads that can spin around the central chain. Stainless steel inverted cups that are shiny as well as noisy. Inside each inverted cup, are a couple of stainless steel spoons. The top set of spoons are positioned so that when your bird gets his or her beak on them and then lets them go, they will strike the bottom cup, making plenty of noise. 

The sequence repeats twice, hence the "Duo" in the name. So, from the top, mounted on the chain are plastic beads, inverted cup, stainless steel spoons as well as a leather thong with acrylic toys dangling from the end, then a bit of exposed chain, then more beads, another cup, more spoons, and another length of leather with dangling toys. This well-made toy is not indestructible, but it will be harder to destroy than many other toys. It should last your winged warrior for a while. 

Larger birds such as Macaws, Cockatoos, African Grey Parrots and Amazon Parrots will all enjoy this toy, and give it a good workout! In return, they'll get excellent enrichment for all of their senses.  They get the shine of the cups and the spoons as well as the colors of the beads and acrylic items for visual stimulation. The texture of the leather cord as well as the size of the toy for a good foot and climbing workout. They'll also enjoy getting their beak around the smaller elements, such as the beads, and the acrylic elements. This is a well-rounded item to give your companion hours of enjoyment. Probably, preferably while you're out!

The 1505 Duo Spoon Bobble is approximately 12 inches (30.4cm) High, by 2.5 inches (6.35cm) Wide and weighs under 5 ounces (141.7g). It is made from 100% bird-safe materials. It hangs easily in the aviary, and its durability means that you probably won't have to remove it for a while, unless you just want to trade toys for the sake of variety. 

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