The 3488 Cake Party is an excellent shreddable toy for a Galah Cockatoo. Continue reading to learn more about this multi-color, multi-level shred-a-ganza!

3488 Cake Party

The 3488 Cake Party has a quick link connector with a bird-safe wire hanging down. There is a horizontal wire bisecting the vertical one, forming a cross. These wires support a crinkly, shredded-paper-filled vine ball at the center, then mini-cupcake papers and shredded paper at each of four ends.

If the 3488 Cake Party were a crime scene, the police would have to say "Stop! There's all kinds of stuff to see here." For the feathered friend who loves to shred, this toy has got it all. And when we say shred, we're not talking air guitar, we're talking paper. Lots of medium-sized companion birds such as the Galah Cockatoo, African Grey Parrot, Sun Conure, Amazon Parrot, and Cockatiel enjoy shredding paper. Some folks think that this behavior should be curbed because birds associate it with mating, which can cause some unwelcome behavior, but shredding is also a part of foraging. And birds enjoy the sense that they're working for their food! 

The 3488 Cake Party has some multi-colored, crinkly paper that's already shredded. Think of this as a birdy appetizer. They can make their way through the shredded-paper appetizer to get to the multiple layers of mini-cupcake papers. Think of this as the salad. Salad is a little bit of work. More chewing, more cutting, and you get some good roughage in there. Eating salad makes a body feel good. You had to do a little work, and in exchange you got a little reward.

Next comes the main course. The colorful, all-natural vine ball at the center of this toy provides excellent stimulation. It comes in a variety of colors, all of which are pleasing to a birds eye. It also offers very satisfying tactile stimulation for the feet. There are all kinds of different ways that your bird can sink his feet into this portion of the toy. Foot health is important, and the more exercise the feet can get, the better! Also, this more rugged element will be satisfying for bird beaks, particularly for the hookbill of your heart. 

Inside the vine ball there is more of the crinkly, shredded paper for your bird buddy to get at. And get at it they will. This would be an excellent place to hide a little bit of dessert. Some nice fatty seeds, or nuts that they can forage from inside the vine ball will make your avian friend feel like they're on top of the world! This four-course meal of a bird toy is not to be missed. The 3488 Cake Party is about 8" (20.32cm) Tall and about 3" (7.62cm) Wide. 

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