Triangle rope toys provide fun chewing and swinging experiences for birds. Bonka Bird Toys has triangle rope swing toys in many sizes. Check out these toys.

Yes, birds like triangle rope swing toys. Bonka Bird Toys offers the 1325 Tiny Rope Triangle Swing, the 1016 Small Rope Triangle, the 1035 Medium Rope Triangle Ring, and the 1059 Huge Triangle Rope Ring. Our rainbow triangle rope rings are lots of fun and great for swinging and chewing.

Birds of all sizes love triangle rope swings. You just need to find the right size for your feathered friend. All our triangle rope rings have the same great features that help make them so versatile and effective as bird toys. The first thing you will likely notice is the rainbow coloring of the rope, which helps attract a bird’s attention. The rainbow rope really stands-out in an aviary, and it will help get your beaked pal ready for playtime.

As any bird lover knows, regular beak exercise is very important. Your pet needs to use its beak often to keep it strong and healthy. Chewing on the soft cotton rope found on our triangle rope toys is perfect for this task. It’s tough enough to feel satisfying as your bird chews, but not too hard that it will damage their beak. The base of the triangle also has some plastic charms that can also be used for chewing, and they provide a nice change of pace from the cotton rope.

Many birds also like to use our triangle ropes for swinging. Your pet can perch at the base of the triangle to rest and relax. But if your avian amigo sways its body back and forth, they can get the triangle ring to swing. This is another enjoyable activity that your bird can get out of the triangle ring toy. Swinging the triangle ring is a good exercise for a bird, and it helps keep your taloned trustee healthy and active. And it goes without saying that swinging is lots of fun!

If you look closely, you will notice that there are rope clusters in the three (3) triangle corners, as well as at the center of the triangle base. These rope clusters are perfect for preening, as your pet can rub its feathers against them. This helps keep a bird’s feathers clean, and they can reposition them to feel more comfortable. Preening is a natural behavior for birds, so giving your pet a helpful tool to partake in this activity will be much appreciated.

Our triangle rainbow rope swings come in different sizes so that you can choose the perfect one for your pet. The 1325 Tiny Rope Triangle is (13) inches long, six (6) inches wide, and (2.25) inches deep. The 1016 Small Rope Triangle is (14) inches long, (9.5) inches wide, and (2.25) inches deep. The 1035 Medium Rope Triangle Ring is (19) inches long, (12.5) inches wide, and (2.25) inches deep. The 1059 Huge Triangle Rope Ring Swing is (26) inches long, (18) inches wide, and three (3) inches deep.

Each triangle rainbow rope toy has a bell at the bottom to provide some fun ringing sound effects as your pet plays. There is a quick-link attachment at the top of each triangle rope swing for easy hanging from the top of the cage. Each toy is 100% bird-safe, but you should still supervise your pet during their first play session. You can buy all four of these triangle rope swing toys from Bonka Bird Toys.

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