Your pet will love to rest on the R18 Parrot Rope Perch. This versatile accessory is super flexible. Check out the R18 Parrot Rope Perch from Bonka Bird Toys.

The R18 Parrot Rope Perch is a cotton rope perch accessory that is installed inside an aviary. The detachable accessory is often used in smaller cages that don’t already have a perch. Some of the best aspects of the perch include its soft cotton rope construction and its great flexibility.

Birds use perches for rest and relaxation. You will often find wooden perches pre-installed in birdcages. But certain smaller cages and travel cages don’t have wooden perches. If that is the case, then the R18 Parrot Rope Perch can provide a good alternative. The perch is also occasionally used when a bird prefers the soft cotton rope material of the R18 Parrot Rope Perch over the stiff wooden texture of a traditional perch.

What’s great about the R18 Parrot Rope Perch is that it is both sturdy and flexible. This is accomplished by wrapping the soft cotton rope material over a bendable metal wire. This build ensures that the perch will keep its set position, while still allowing you to shape and adjust it to meet the needs of both your pet and its cage. This is truly a versatile and flexible rope perch that you can set up to your bird’s liking.

Many users wonder how the R18 Parrot Rope Perch is installed. It’s actually quite simple. Both ends of the perch have plastic caps with two (2) large metal washers. To install, you remove the outer metal washer, press the inner washer against the cage bars, and re-secure the other washer so that the two washers squeeze the cage bars. Then repeat at the other end of the perch by securing its two washers. And just like that, the rope perch will be ready for use.

While the R18 Parrot Rope Perch is usually used for resting, some birds may like to check on the accessory. The soft cotton rope material feels nice on a bird’s beak, so this is a fine possibility for play. The rainbow-colored rope does a good job of attracting a bird’s attention, and this can get a bird eager to play. Other users will secure the R18 Parrot Rope Perch from the top of the cage and allow it to hang while the other end is left disconnected. This opens up the possibilities of using it as a pet to get a good grip with their beak and feet. They'll have no trouble climbing, hanging, biting and chewing the cotton rope while moving all about the perch.

The R18 Parrot Rope Perch measures (17) inches across from washer to washer. The diameter of the rope perch is half an inch, or (0.5) inches. The accessory weighs less than four (4) ounces. The rope perch is made from completely bird-safe materials, but you should still supervise your pet the first time they interact with the toy. You can get the R18 Parrot Rope Perch from Bonka Bird Toys.

February 03, 2021 — Bonka Bird Toys

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