You can add some tropical flair to the aviary with the 1784 Coco Sandal. Birds love chewing on the natural coconut and the hanging sandals. Check out this toy.

The 1784 Coco Sandal is a bird toy that consists of a half-shell coconut and four (4) attached mini sandals. Birds love chewing on the natural coconut and the rubber sandals for some beak exercise. The toy is also good for pulling and foraging, and it adds a nice tropical look to the aviary.

You really can’t go wrong with a fun and versatile toy like the 1784 Coco Sandal. It has a simple and straightforward design with a quick-link attachment at the top. This leads to a sturdy link chain that secures the half-shell of a natural coconut. Your pet can chew on the coconut to strengthen its beak. And if you have a tropical bird, then the coconut will help remind them of their natural habitat.

But the excitement continues with the 1784 Coco Sandal, as there are four (4) holes drilled into the half coconut shell. Each hole has a metal ring that holds a colorful acrylic plastic ring and a rubber sandal. Both the sandal and the ring are perfect for chewing in their own right, and they offer your pet more chances for beak exercises. Having multiple textures to chew on will make your pet happy!

We really want to stress how much birds love the rubber sandals on the 1784 Coco Sandal. Each one is brightly colored to attract a bird’s attention and encourage them to play. The sandals are just like the real thing, and they even have a strap for you to hang other toys or playthings. Many birds like to pull on the sandals for some extra exercise. Your pet can latch on with its beak and pull the toy all around!

And perhaps the best use of the sandals on the 1784 Coco Sandal is for foraging. You can hide your pet’s favorite treats and other surprises inside the sandals to give them something to look for. Birds love to forage and hunt, and it helps keep their minds active. Remember, a bird will have to hunt for their food out in the wild, so this is a great way to simulate this activity. And feel free to get creative by hiding different treats from time to time. Your feathered friend will appreciate new surprises!

The 1784 Coco Sandal measures about (11) inches long, (5.5) inches wide, and (4.25) inches deep. It weighs less than five (5) ounces, so your pet should have no trouble interacting with it and pulling the sandals all around. All of the materials used in the 1784 Coco Sandal are bird-safe, but it is still advised that you supervise your pet during the first play session to ensure that they enjoy the toy. And you will have no trouble installing the toy in the cage using its quick-link attachment at the top.

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