Building your own bird toys with our bird toy parts is a great way to save money and express your inner creativity. Check out these bird toy parts from Bonka.

Yes, you can buy bird toy parts from Bonka Bird Toys. Bird toy parts are the individual components used when making bird toys. Many birdkeepers and enthusiasts build their own bird toys for a variety of reasons. You might find that making your own toys is a rewarding and satisfying endeavor.

There are three main reasons why many bird lovers choose to make their own bird toys. For one, it grants them ultimate creativity in designing the perfect toys for their pets. If you know your bird has a favorite texture or color, you can build toys around those considerations. Another reason to make your own bird toys is to save money. Using individual components and loose ends will often result in a more affordable toy than if you buy one pre-made. Finally, making bird toys can be super fun! If you enjoy arts & crafts and working with your hands, then building your own bird toys might become your new favorite hobby.

Of course, choosing which parts to use in your new bird toy might seem like a daunting task for a beginner. That is why we are here to help. A great place to start is with the 1211 Sola Sticks With Bark. If you aren’t familiar with sola wood, it is a natural material that is completely safe for birds. This wood is super soft, and it feels great on a bird’s beak. The bark included on these sticks will help provide a more natural experience for your pet. However, we also sell the 1288 Sola Sticks Without Bark. Each sola stick is about four (4) inches in length and comes with pre-made holes for easy building. You get six (6) sola wood sticks in each order.

If you’re looking for an extremely versatile and easy to use bird toy part, then check out our 1294 Small Vine Balls. These are natural vine balls that are colored using food-grade dye. They are super easy to hang in a birdcage using some string or twine. There are also many ways you can include the vine balls in your next bird toy project. Your pet will love the bright colors of these balls, and the natural vine material is exactly what they will find out in the wild. The 1294 Small Vine Balls are also great for keeping around as loose toys. You can toss them around the cage for use as foot toys, and they are also perfect for chewing. You might also hide treats and surprises inside the 1294 Vine Balls for some foraging fun. They come in packs of 6, 12, and 24 and measure approximately one (1) inch in diameter each.

One final creative bird toy part we want to mention is our 1200 12pk Colorful Chinese Finger Traps. You might not think of Chinese Finger Traps as a traditional bird toy part. But these old-school playthings are perfect for birds looking to shred and destroy. Any bird that loves shredding will have so much fun tearing these Chinese Finger Traps apart. Our finger traps are built using natural bamboo paper, and the coloring is completely bird-safe. They can also be used as foot toys and for foraging. You get 12 finger traps in each order of the 1200 12pk Colorful Chinese Finger Traps. Each one measures about 5.5 inches long.

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