Birds that love to pull on objects will get excited when you present the 3368 Spoon Stick Pull Delight. Check out this shiny ringing toy from Bonka Bird Toys.

The 3368 Spoon Stick Pull Delight is a pulling toy from Bonka Bird Toys. The toy features shiny stainless steel spoons and colorful acrylic plastic rings that will quickly attract your bird’s attention. Your pet can pull on this toy to create some ringing excitement and fun in the birdcage.

If you’re like many bird owners, you may find that your pet sometimes gets excited and rowdy. When your bird is full of energy, they need a fun and attractive toy to play with. The 3368 Spoon Stick Pull Delight is great because it offers a shiny look that is super appealing to birds. Your pet will also find that pulling and swinging the toy makes a lot of satisfying ringing sounds. Birds are great listeners, and hearing the high-pitched ringing sounds of the stainless steel spoons clashing and banging against each other will make your pet very happy and giddy.

The construction of the 3368 Spoon Stick Pull Delight is fairly simple. The toy starts with a sturdy link chain that goes down from the top of the toy. This leads to the toy’s main body, which consists of a colorful plastic tube. Three sets of holes are drilled into the main tube, and each hole has a metal chain passing through. Attached to these chains are the stainless steel spoons and colorful acrylic rings that make this toy so much fun. Whenever your bird pulls on a chain, the ringing sound effects will send them into a fit of happiness and delight!

Birds of all sizes can enjoy the 3368 Spoon Stick Pull Delight, and it makes a nice addition to nearly any birdcage. The Toy measures in at about 20 inches tall and 2 inches across. It weighs roughly 7 ounces. A quick-link attachment at the top of the toy makes it easy to hang. All of the materials used in this toy are completely bird-safe, including the acrylic rings and stainless steel spoons. This parrot toy is proudly sold by Bonka Bird Toys.

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