Large bird toys are popular for species like cockatoos, macaws, and African Greys. Bonka Bird Toys sells many great large bird toys. Find out our favorites.

You can get large bird toys from Bonka Bird Toys. Our biggest bird toys are popular for owners of large species like cockatoos, macaws, African Greys, and more. Keeping these large parrots happy and entertained is very important for promoting desirable behavior and a long, healthy life.

There are many factors that go into creating a good toy for large birds. A desirable large bird toy will feature lots of colors that will attract a bird’s attention and focus. Simply put, these toys really stand out in a cage. These bird toys also offer many different materials and textures for birds to chew on and exercise their beaks. And of course, a good large bird toy must be completely bird-safe.

One large bird toy we really like is the 1184 Biggo Block. This toy will delight your large feathered friend with its brightly colored wood blocks and cylinders, colored wooden beads, soft cotton rope, and colored sisal stands. There are many different spots on the toy where your pet can bite down and pull the toy all around for some amusement and fun. And there are several bells on the toy that will provide some ringing sound effects as your bird plays. And the rope wads on the 1184 Biggo Block are excellent spots for preening and adjusting feathers.

The 1184 Biggo Block is a colorful treat that will certainly stand out and become the centerpiece of any large bird cage. The toy is extremely tough and well-built. This will help it last a long time, even with the roughest and rowdiest of birds. The toy measures about 45 inches tall and 16 inches across, and it weighs 11 pounds. It comes with a quick-link attachment for easy hanging from the top of the cage. All the materials used in the 1184 Biggo Block are totally safe for birds.

Another one of our favorite large bird toys is the 1207 Tower Chewer. This massive toy features a cascade of brightly colored wooden blocks and cylinders, wood beads, soft cotton rope, and colored sisal strands. Your beaked pal will love the different textures for chewing and pulling, and more adventurous birds may even try climbing the toy. We have also attached some ringing bells to the 1207 Tower Chewer for some sound effects that will encourage more playing.

Like all toys from Bonka Bird Toys, the 1207 Tower Chewer features top-quality construction to help it stand up to play sessions from even the most aggressive of birds. Your pet will have a lot of ground to cover, as the toy measures roughly 56 inches long and 15 inches wide. Make sure that you have space in your bird cage for this behemoth. You might also want to explore our selection of large bird cages if you are looking to fit toys like the 1207 Tower Chewer. You can easily hang this toy from the top of the cage using its quick-link attachment.

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