3672 Large Party Cup

$12.99 USD

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The 3672 Large Party Cup from Bonka Bird Toys is a super shreddable party for your feathered friend! This medium sized bird toy is packed with shredding material to keep your pets beak busy. The toy does include a quick link connector at the top. A sturdy metal wire loops around the connector and hangs down to the toy body suspending it. The wire has been adorned with colorful plastic beads and chewable wooden bobbins. The main body of the toy is a big shreddable cardboard popcorn cup. This cup has bright colors and is great fun for pets to rip apart with their beaks and feet. The cup has been stuffed with all sorts of shredding materials. Your pet will find colorful bamboo finger traps, natural vine wreaths and shreddable fair game tickets. The enticing look, tons of material and easy shredding thrills pets.

The 3672 Large Party Cup is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (12) inches

Width: (6) inches

Weight: Under (5) ounces

  • Super shreddable toy.
  • Lots of assorted chewing materials.
  • Bird enticing design.
  • 100% bird safe.