3548 Huge Diamond Chew

$44.99 USD

The 3548 Huge Diamond Chew from Bonka Bird Toys is a big and attractive pulling and chewing masterpiece for your large feathered friend! This huge bird toy has tons of colorful and chewable bird-safe wooden parts to keep your buddy's beak busy! The top of the bird toy has a heavy-duty quick link connector that loops through a heavy eyelid to hold the weight of the toy and to make hanging easy in the aviary. The middle of the toy is a sturdy dowel piece of all-natural wood right at the top. This chunk of wood has (2) heavy link chains strung through it via drilled holes. These link chains hold all of the other beak and feet-pleasing materials on the toy and hang way down. Many different pieces of colorful chewing wood adorn these hanging chain legs all of them with the sturdy link chain passing through their center. When your pet grabs and pulls on one of the chain legs the other side will pull up making for an interactive play session. At the very bottom of the chew, legs are sturdy metal rings that have thick knots of all-natural leather strips hanging. This bird toy is a big beak please with its bright colored chunky wood. This bird toy can work perfectly as a central play gym in your pet's cage.

The 3548 Huge Diamond Chew from Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe, and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (24) inches

Width: (8) inches

Weight: (2) lbs & (5) oz or (33) ounces.

Giant chew center!
A huge array of chewable materials.
Lots of colorful wooden pieces.
Heavy Duty link chain & Quick Links
100% bird safe.