3473 Small Chewy Nicks

$5.99 USD

The 3473 Small Chewy Nicks from Bonka Bird Toys is a small colorful bird toy packed with tons of beak-pleasing chewable blocks! This small bird toy has plenty of chewable wooden blocks that your bird will love to investigate and chew apart! The top of this bird toy has a quick link attachment letting you quickly hang it in your pet's aviary. A twisted rope made with natural material hangs from the quick link attachment and passes through the center of the toy that ends in a small knot on the bottom. This knot holds a small, sturdy metal ring with a small metal bell that makes great bird-pleasing noises. The main body of the bird toy is made of (6) small-sized wooden chew nick blocks. These blocks are made with beak-pleasing bird-safe wood and are all brightly colored. On the front and back of the blocks are many thick rectangular grooves that will further entice your pet to investigate the interesting shape. These grooves also give you a perfect place to wrap string or twine around the toy to hang other items! The blocks will move about and change shape as your pet interacts with the bird toy keeping it fresh and exciting!

The 3473 Small Chewy Nicks From Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird-safe ships in bright assorted bird-pleasing colors and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (12.5) or (12 1/2) inches

Width: (1) inch

Depth: (0.87) or (7/8) inches

Weight: 3 Ounces

Small chewy nick colorful bird toy.
Easy Quick Links
Great colorful wooden chew blocks.
Fun and exciting bird-pleasing design.
100% bird safe.