3212 Mrs. Monster Braid

$82.99 USD

The 3212 Mrs. Monster Braid From Bonka Bird Toys is a huge colorful assortment of fun for your large-sized feathered friend that is sure to catch their attention! The top of the toy has a heavy-duty quick link connector for installation. This loops through a large metal ring where the top of the 3212 strings through. The main material of 3212 is a huge bundle of brightly colored sisal rope. The rope has multiple colors giving it a rainbow look. The sisal rope is knotted at the top and bottom in large chunky knots. Going down the toy your pet will find lots of different items and materials. There are wooden colors blocks, leather strips, dragon wood chunks, sisal knots, and even colored rawhide! You'll want to make sure that your pet's cage can fit the 3212 as it measures a giant.

The 3212 Mrs. Monster Braid From Bonka Bird Toys is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately, but all these measurements can be slightly different from toy to toy.

Height: (56) inches

Width: (6) inches

Depth: (6) inches

Weight: (4) lbs (56) oz or (73) ounces

Huge chewing climbing bird toy.
Bright rainbow colors and natural materials.
heavy-duty quick link
Dragon wood.
Easy to hang in different ways.
Lots of different materials.