2335 Large Slat Chewer

$18.99 USD

  • Colorful Rainbow Design: Engage your medium-sized bird with a vibrant rainbow-colored wooden toy that stimulates their senses.
  • Chewing Paradise: Promotes a healthy chewing habit, keeping your feathered friend entertained and preventing destructive plucking.
  • Climbing Fun: The step formation of colorful wooden oblongs provides an exciting climbing experience, enhancing physical activity.
  • Bell for Playful Interaction: Features a bell at the bottom for auditory stimulation and interactive play, adding to your bird's enjoyment.
  • Measuring 16" in height and 4" in width, it's ideal for Caiques, Conures, Pionus, African Greys, Ringnecks, Senegals, and similar-sized birds.

Bonka Bird Toys' 2335 Large Slat Chewer Bird Toy – Your Medium-Sized Feathered Friend's Colorful Climbing and Chewing Paradise! Elevate your bird's playtime with our 2335 Large Slat Chewer bird toy, proudly brought to you by Bonka Bird Toys. Designed for medium to large-sized birds, this vibrant and engaging wooden explosion is the perfect solution for satisfying your bird's natural chewing instincts. This colorful rainbow delight is crafted with bird safety as the top priority. The unique arrangement of wooden oblongs in a step formation adds a burst of color to your bird's environment and provides an exciting climbing experience. The 2335 Large Slat Chewer bird toy measures approximately 16 inches in height and 4 inches in width, offering ample room for your bird to explore and play. Featuring a charming bell at the bottom, this bird toy adds an auditory element to your bird's entertainment and encourages playful interaction. With the included quick link attachment, you can effortlessly secure it to your bird's cage, ensuring hours of entertainment. Beyond the joy it brings, this bird toy serves a dual purpose. While your feathered friend indulges in healthy chewing and climbing activities, it distracts from destructive plucking behavior. You can rest easy knowing that this toy is meticulously crafted from bird-safe materials, guaranteeing your cherished pet a secure and enjoyable experience.