2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice

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  • Savor the Delight of the 2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice – A Feast of Fun for Your Medium-Sized Birds

    Introducing the 2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice from Bonka Bird Toys, a whimsical and stimulating play option for your medium-sized feathered friends. This unique toy is not just a treat for the eyes but a feast of activities for your bird, designed to enrich their daily life and provide endless fun.

    Why Your Bird Will Love the 2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice:

    • Double the Fun with Dual Design: This toy features two perfectly sized cardboard pizza slices, each charmingly adorned with colorful wooden disks, sisal rope, and tissue paper. The duo design doubles the excitement, offering your bird more areas to explore and engage with.
    • Exciting Foraging Experience: Each pizza slice is generously stuffed with vibrant, crinkly paper, inviting your bird to forage and shred to their heart's content. This activity entertains and stimulates your bird's natural foraging instincts.
    • Alleviate Cage Boredom: Designed to keep your birds mentally and physically active, the 2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice offers multiple healthy play options. It's an excellent choice for preventing cage boredom keeping your bird happy and engaged.
    • Safe and Secure Playtime: Crafted with 100% bird-safe materials, this toy ensures your pet's safety during playtime, allowing you to have peace of mind while they enjoy their new favorite toy.
    • Perfect Size for Medium Birds: Measuring approximately 14 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 2 1/2 inches in depth, it provides ample space for play and exploration, catering specifically to the needs of medium-sized birds.
    • Easy to Install: Equipped with a quick link attachment, the toy can be easily and securely placed in your bird's cage, ensuring hours of entertainment without any hassle.

    Transform Your Bird's Cage into a Pizza Paradise! With the 2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice, you're not just adding a toy to your bird's environment; you're creating an enriching playground that mirrors their natural behaviors. The vibrant colors, varied textures, and interactive elements are sure to capture your bird's attention and keep them engaged.

    Order Now and Bring Home a Slice of Excitement with the 2224 Duo Medium Pizza Slice – Your Bird's New Favorite Toy for Endless Play and Discovery!