2103 pk12 Wood Bobbin

$9.99 USD

The 2103 Pk12 Wood Bobbin from Bonka Bird Toys it's a foot toys a classic design that is sure to entertain your pet bird. The 2103 includes 12 brightly colored wood bobbins or spool. Each bobbin has lots of angled surfaces that are easy for your pet to grab with their feet or beak. The bobbins also have a hole drilled through their center, letting you hang them on rope or add them to other toys. They are great when used as regular foot toys, added to other items and even used as a cage decoration.
The 2103 Pk12 Wood Bobbin from Bonka Bird Toys are 100% bird safe and weigh and measure approximately:

Length: (1.00) inches

Width: (1.25) inch

Single Spool weight: Under (0.5) ounces

Pack Weight: (3 ) Ounces

Includes 12 brightly colored wood bobbins.
Easy to pickup and chew.
Great chewable foot toys.

Can be hung and added to other toys.
Made with 100% bird safe materials.