1936 Ballspike

$8.49 USD $9.99

Delightful Playtime Awaits

Engage your feathered friend's senses with the vibrant and interactive 1936 Ballspike from Bonka Bird Toys! Expertly crafted to promote movement and mental stimulation, this toy brings a burst of color and a multitude of textures right into your bird's habitat.

Interactive Features

  • Colorful Spike Animals: Each toy comes with an adorable Spike animal, adding a fun companion for your bird (varies with each toy).
  • Pullable Chains: Three sturdy chains provide a satisfying challenge and encourage your pet to explore and play.
  • Enticing Bell: At the heart of the action, a shiny bell awaits to reward your bird's curiosity with delightful chimes.
  • Easy Installation: A quick link connector allows for effortless placement in your bird's cage.

Built to Last

Made with bird-safe materials, the Ballspike is not only entertaining but also durable, ensuring countless hours of fun for your avian pal. Its medium-sized plastic ball, complete with multiple holes, is perfect for beak exploration and adds an extra dimension of play.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 8 inches of pure joy
  • Width: 4 inches of enticing play area
  • Weight: A light 4 ounces for easy maneuvering
  • Assorted Colors: A spectrum to captivate and entertain

Invite a world of excitement into your bird's life with Bonka Bird Toys' 1936 Ballspike. It's not just a toy; it's a doorway to a happier, healthier bird.