1866 Wood Monster

$139.99 USD

The 1866 Wood Monster from Bonka Bird Toys stands as a formidable challenger to those large birds with a serious penchant for chewing. Designed to withstand even the most beak-active pets, this toy combines durability with engaging playtime possibilities. Here's why the Wood Monster is a must-have for your large bird's toy collection.

Designed for the Serious Chewer

Beak Pleasing Textures: Featuring an extensive array of brightly colored wooden blocks and dragon wood pieces, the 1866 Wood Monster provides a multitude of textures that cater to your bird's natural chewing instincts. This variety not only keeps your bird interested but also helps maintain beak health by providing appropriate materials to chew on.

Massive Size for Maximum Enjoyment: Measuring approximately 32 inches in height and 14 inches in width, this toy offers a significant amount of material for your bird to explore and destroy. Its size makes it an ideal choice for large birds, providing them with a satisfying outlet for their chewing urges.

Safe and Durable Construction

Bird Safe Materials: Constructed with all bird-safe materials, the Wood Monster ensures that your pet can engage in hours of play without any risk. This commitment to safety is crucial for peace of mind, knowing that your bird is interacting with a toy that is as safe as it is fun.

Heavy Duty Quick Link for Easy Hanging: Equipped with a heavy-duty quick link, the Wood Monster can be securely hung in your bird's cage or aviary. This feature allows for easy installation, ensuring that your bird can start enjoying their new toy without delay.

The 1866 Wood Monster from Bonka Bird Toys is more than just a toy; it's a comprehensive play solution for large birds who love to chew. With its robust construction, array of chewable materials, and bird-safe design, it stands out as a serious toy for those serious chewers. Introduce the Wood Monster to your bird's environment and watch as it becomes a focal point of their daily activities, providing endless entertainment and satisfaction.