1651 Mardi Foraging Box

$8.99 USD

Dive into a world of color and fun with the 1651 Mardi Box from Bonka Bird Toys, a vibrant addition to any bird cage designed to offer endless shredding pleasure for your feathered companion. This toy's clever design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bird's home but also ensures it's incredibly easy to install.

Key Features:


  • Dimensions: The toy stands at an ideal height of 8 inches and spans 3 inches in width, weighing under 2 ounces, making it a perfect fit for a variety of bird cages.
  • Engaging Design: A metal wire forms the spine of the toy, adorned with wooden beads and a colorful straw, leading down to a bounty of multicolored shredding paper. At its heart lies a natural woven palm box, designed to satisfy your bird's chewing urges, followed by more enticing shreddy paper.
  • Colorful and Safe: Its eye-catching colors and bird-safe materials ensure both the safety and enjoyment of your pet, making it an attractive center of activity.
  • Ease of Installation: A quick link attachment at the top ensures that hanging this toy is a breeze, allowing for immediate enjoyment by your bird.


The 1651 Mardi Box isn't just a toy; it's a shredding party waiting to happen, providing your bird with a plethora of materials to pull, chew, and explore. Its beautifully coordinated colors and materials are sure to catch your bird's eye, making it a fantastic choice for pet owners looking to stimulate their birds' natural behaviors in a safe and fun way.

Perfect For:


  • Bird owners seeking an engaging and safe toy for their feathered friends.
  • Those who appreciate a toy that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun and functional.
  • Anyone looking for an easy-to-install, versatile toy that fits seamlessly into any cage decor.


Ensure your bird's environment is both enriching and beautiful with the 1651 Mardi Box, a toy that promises hours of safe, shredding fun.

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