1617 Slat Chewer

$12.99 USD

  • A Wooden Wonderland for Your Feathered Friend: The 1617 Slat Chewer bird toy is a vibrant and engaging addition to any medium-sized bird's cage. This colorful rainbow wooden explosion is specifically designed for birds that love to chew, offering a step formation of colorful wooden oblongs that provide easy climbing and lead to more exciting chewable adventures. Finished with a bell at the bottom, this toy adds a melodious joy to your bird's playtime.

    Promoting Healthy Habits: Not only does the Slat Chewer add a splash of color and fun to your bird's environment, but it also promotes a healthy chew habit. The variety of textures and shapes encourages your bird to engage in natural behaviors, helping to distract from potentially destructive plucking habits and ensuring their beak is kept in top condition.

    Bird-Safe Construction for Peace of Mind: Crafted with all bird-safe materials, this toy ensures a safe chewing and playing experience. The inclusion of a quick link attachment makes it easy to place in your bird's cage, providing immediate enjoyment without any hassle.

    Key Features:

    • Vibrant and Chewable: A rainbow of colors and wooden textures for endless fun.
    • Promotes Healthy Behavior: Encourages chewing, which is essential for beak health and provides a constructive outlet for energy.
    • Easy Installation: Comes complete with a quick link for hassle-free cage placement.
    • Made with Care: Constructed with 100% bird-safe materials, ensuring a safe environment for your feathered friend.


    • Ideal for: Medium-sized birds such as Caiques, Conures, Quakers, and similarly sized companions.
    • Dimensions: Measures approximately 6 inches in height by 4 inches in width.
    • Weight: Light enough for easy handling, yet sturdy enough to withstand enthusiastic play.

    Transform Your Bird's Cage: The 1617 Slat Chewer is more than just a toy; it's a vibrant addition to your bird's home that offers both entertainment and enrichment. Its colorful design and engaging textures make it a must-have for any bird owner looking to enhance their pet's cage with a fun, interactive, and safe toy.