1289 Pk6 Vine Cones

$6.79 USD $7.99


Discover endless avian entertainment with the Bonka Bird Toys 1289 Pack – 6 Vine Cones, 5" Long. These versatile vine cones provide a delightful combination of fun, exercise, and mental stimulation for your feathered friend. Crafted carefully and designed for your bird's well-being, these natural vine cones are perfect for bird foot talon exercise and crafting customized bird toys.

  • 6 Vine Cones: This pack includes six vine cones, each measuring 5 inches long. These vine cones are perfect for keeping your bird entertained and active.
  • Natural Vine Material: Crafted from all-natural, bird-safe materials, these vine cones are non-toxic and safe for your feathered friend. Birds instinctively enjoy chewing and playing with natural materials, making these vine cones an excellent choice.
  • Foot Talon Exercise: Birds must exercise their talons regularly to stay healthy and strong. These vine cones provide an ideal texture and shape for birds to grip, grasp, and exercise their foot talons.
  • Versatile Crafting: These vine cones are perfect for DIY bird toy enthusiasts. You can easily incorporate them into your homemade bird toys, creating unique and engaging playthings that cater to your bird's preferences.
  • Mental Stimulation: Birds are intelligent creatures and benefit from mental stimulation. These vine cones offer a variety of textures, encouraging your birds to explore, manipulate, and play, keeping their minds active and engaged.