1092 Jumble Chew

$14.99 USD



The 1092 Jumble Chew from Bonka Bird Toys is a pullable and colorful medium sized bird toy thats exemplary for providing a chewable experience in the aviary. The colorful wooden chew pieces and all natural cotton rope will invite your pet to come and play! The top of the bird toy includes a small size heavy duty quick link connector. This allows the toy be hung on a cage bar or structure right from the pack and will hold up to being tugged. A sturdy link chain hangs down from the connector, which has the all natural cotton rope laced through it. There are (4) lengths of cotton rope, each having its center point connected to the sturdy link chain. These cotton rope lengths have many chewable wooden spheres and disks adorning their length. At the ends there are tiny knots and bundles of cotton fray perfect for pulling and grabbing.

The 1092 Jumble Chew is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height: (12) inches

Width: (4) inches

Weight: Under (7) ounces

Colorful & chewable medium sized bird toy.
Has (4) cotton rope lengths.
Many chewable wooden pieces.
100% bird safe.